Acknowledge Yourself With Essential Road Safety Rules



Safety of your life is the utmost priority. Various guidelines, safety rules can only be worth if you follow them. The government has done its duty by making a Road Safety Manual. This guide is formulated to guide all sort of road users. Be it pedestrians, cyclists, bikers or any other car or motor drivers. People using two wheeler are most unsafe on roads, as they have no safeguards. They must buy Best Helmets In India to ensure their safety. This is the basic rules for them to follow.

A rule book contains safety regulations for all. The Road Safety Manual was introduced in India two years back. It was released on 7th October 2015. Mr. Ranjan Gupta, the honorable justice was the one who led out the manual in Chandigarh, India

The detailed description of safety rules specified in Road safety Manual is given below.

Purpose Of Road Safety Manual:

Like everything has some purpose, the road safety manual also have some that is mentioned below.

  • To provide guidelines to new drivers about driving licence seeking procedure.
  • To educate people with safe driving and other on road activities.
  • To present a exam tool to check your knowledge about road safety measures.

User manual is available in two divisions :

  1. Road Safety Code:

The basic motive of this part of road safety manual is to educate people with road safety measures. To let them know about Do’s and Don’t while using the road.

  1. Traffic Laws:

This part is to let you know about the enforcement part. What is must for you to use the road? . Procedures to issue driving licence and get your vehicles registered etc.

How Is The Manual Beneficial For Public?

The road safety manual is wisely designed for:

  • Road and transport engineers.
  • Nurses and doctors.
  • Professionals associated with safety of vehicles.
  • Social Scientists and Urban Planners.
  • Law enforcers and Policy makers.

The manual is bifurcated in several units. Each group is independent of each other and can be referred separately. The people who use the manual for teaching and training find it very easy and convenient to use. Not only the trainers but anyone who uses it generally, even if not so educated; can understand it with ease.

Thus, we can say that Rules are made for our safety. It’s on you as an individual to make it or break it. If you love yourself and your life Fasten up your seat belts, Buy Helmets Online or from your nearest store and use it, follow traffic lights and be an alert on road walker. Be safe and keep others safe.


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