Open Face Helmets VS Flip Up Helmets


fill up helmets.pngWhen helmets were discovered for the first time, little that the inventor knew that helmets will become an important component or I should say symbol of safety in our lives. Due to helmets the rate of deaths where two wheeler vehicles were involved in an accident has diminished by a great extent.

Especially after the state as well as the central government has made wearing helmets compulsory for the two wheelers, it has somewhat acted as a boon for the safety of large number of people who commute through two wheelers every day.

There are different varieties of helmets which are available on the market such as full faced helmets, open face helmets and so on and each has one attribute or the other which makes it special and unique.

However there are two varieties of helmets which stand out among the various incarnations available in the market and they are open face helmets and flip up helmets. Why you may ask because have some beautiful as well as unique characteristics that distinguishes them from other but there is a question, among the two which one is better and why? Let’s try to find out:-

  1. Convenient Factor

If you try to compare the two helmets concern i.e flip up and open face in terms of which is more comfortable and why, you will find in terms of convenience open face helmets are much better than the flip one because as it does not cover your whole face moreover you do not feel suffocated which you happen to feel when you wear flip up helmets.

  1. Safety Factor

In terms of safety factor flip up are much better than the open face one because it safeguards your entire face and hence in the case or scenario of accident, your chances of injuring your face is far less than in the case of open face helmets where face is not covered at all and chances of sustaining serious injuries is relatively high.

  1. Other Factors

The chances of flaw in open face helmet are more as compared to flip up helmets. Reason, the latching mechanism in helmet open face might fall off during accidents in open face helmets and can result into serious head injuries as well but with the case of flip up one; the chances that your helmet might fall off are far less.

Helmets are the requirement or we could say the necessity in today’s world as it gives the two wheelers some sort of assurity that they will reach home or even their office safe and sound and even if they indulge into an accident, the extent of the injury would be far less than normal.


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