Different Type of Aaron Helmets & Their Features

aaron helmets with their features

At Aaron, we manufacture different types of Helmets to suit different types of head structures and also different preferences. Our helmets are available in different shell and visor colors, and we offer a variety of designs under each helmet type.

Types And Features

Our helmet offers are included under four main categories, besides we also have some of the latest make, the categories include:

Flip up Helmets: Chin lining, visor cover, enabled with a push button for converting into an open face helmet (Chin lining is pulled inside), big top air vents as well as front air vents for maximum air flow, Aerodynamic design.

Full face Helmets: Chin lining, visor cover and front side air vents for breathing comfort, compact design.

Moto X Helmets: Chin lining, visor cover, sporty look with an extended chin bar, large front air vents, detachable and washable inner lining option, sun cover at the top to protect from sunlight.

Open Face Helmets: No chin lining, broad make to snugly fit into smaller and broader heads of ladies, visor cover, compact design. Purchasing open face helmets online is also a great option.

Basic Make of Aaron Helmets

External Shell Make

The external shells of all our helmets have been made with the objective of providing a head shield that is strong but at the same time light and flexible. We have manufactured the outer shells of our helmets using ABS tough plastic. The strength is derived from the material’s molecular interlock which does not allow the force to pass through and impact the object beneath.

The shells have been tested for endurance and have reported superb performance. You won’t feel as if you are carrying a stone on your head and your neck won’t buckle under extra load and yet will feel securely cocooned.

The exteriors of our helmets are painted with Polyurethane paints that do not easily weather out or crack due to UV rays and provide a reflective surface for maximum light bounce off.

Visor Make

Our helmet visors have been made out of polycarbonate scratch resistant materials such as to provide the clearest vision, protection of eyes from dust and maximum impact absorption. They are available in clear, tinted, rainbow and metallic hues.

If you are seeking a helmet for yourself or your friend, then check out our latest designs on our website. Shop for helmets for open face helmets online or full face helmets and on your next bike drive armor your heads with an Aaron helmet.


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